Well, summer is here- the heat wave is roaring about (apparently).

85F yesterday, as high as 88 today. People & puppies melting everywhere.

In which my laptop gets some attention

Seems strange compared to using PCs, but my PowerBook pro hasn’t had any major updates or work done to it since I bought it in 2007.

I’m spending a few hours today updating through three OS updates, and am still amazed by how seamlessly and effortlessly this computer works.

There’s a place & time for everything, and not all uses are well served by a Mac, but my personal computing needs certainly have been taken care of for a long time by a computer with no upkeep input needed from me.

That, is lovely.

Here it is, July

Here it is, July of 2012.
I’ve had a 206 area code phone number for years now, I’ve seen summer arrive on July 4th four times now.

We have been married for a year now, and at least for now I’m neither designing, architecting, nor racing… My bike hooks are mostly empty, bookshelves untouched, kitchen far too clean…

Of all that, the word which stands out most is “now”, some years & times in life are good for reflection- this one perhaps is largely about living in this moment.

a year isn’t so long?

I stopped by my blog this morning, and realized that I hadn’t written anything for almost exactly a year… that’s a while.

On one hand a lot has changed – but reading old posts, some things haven’t.

In the last 12 months:
Marriage, car accident, rehab, lost a job, gained a job, re-evaluated my career, almost moved to a different timezone, played with my dog, learned, rode bikes, didn’t ride bikes, made friends, lost friends… I suppose a similar year to all the rest of you, eh? ;)

Racing motto, 2011

My Washington state race license & numbers for 2011 showed up a 2 hours before the season’s first race. The first race has gone off, and the first few equipment-based mistakes have been made.

However, of much more interest, my racing motto & mindset for this year of racing has been resolved.

I’ll be racing with the thought of “confident aggression”
With the first race done, and a reasonable showing on horribly untrained legs, I’m going to race more aggressively, but with confidence. I can actually do this, I do really belong with a strong group of racers.

Last year’s flailings and thrashing around aren’t going to happen this year.
I’ve got a good feeling about this year.

She said yes


I asked,
She said yes.

2011 race season, upcoming


1 month till the first race.

2 months, 3 weeks till Walla-Walla.
4 months until Enumclaw.
5 months until Elkhorn.

Should be a good time.